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Golf, It's more than a game, It's a way of life!

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Everybody should have a challenge in life, without the challenges that life brings it would be pretty darn dull in my book! Golf offers a fantastic challenge to anyone, and really pushes a person’s mental and physical attributes to the limit.

The simplified explanation of the game would be – to hit a small ball into distant holes in the least shots possible. However simple that may seem, the strategy involved isn’t.

Approaching a shot involves keen decision making and mental strategy. So does finding a way out of trouble when you’ve hit the trees or the rough for example. You need to be thinking all the time, and know exactly where and when you need to hit it. 

Fast moving sports such as football, hockey, or basketball offer you very little thinking time. This isn’t so with golf. Golfers have heaps of time to plan their most effective shot, but ironically many fail to do so. They don’t realize the importance of the strategy needed to master the game

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All golf courses are set out in a different way, all of them challenging in their own unique way. Some courses may be heavy on sand bunkers or water hazards; others may be laden with trees and deep rough. This serves up a fantastic test for the golfer, and adds a degree of difficulty to every shot. In addition to the courses difficulty, the weather conditions can have an impact on your performance. Wind and rain offer up an additional challenge as well as your very own temperament.

How you react to a bad shot is key. You may find yourself in the rough quite often when starting out and you’ll continue to do so throughout your life, but it’s how you react to being in those positions. You may find yourself playing well all day, and on the 9th hole you hit a nasty shot out of bounds and then your whole game comes crashing down in front of your eyes. It’s certainly not a predictable game, that’s for sure!


One other advantage to golf is that you don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to play the game. It helps to be fit and strong don’t get me wrong, but it’s not the be all and end all. Golf is a relatively low risk sport, getting injured is highly unlikely. Unless you smash the ball like Tiger does of course. He uses every might in his body and pushes himself to the limit to get the distance he does, and this takes its toll after a while, which evidently led to his knee operation back in 2008.

A good level of endurance is quite important too, as you’re going to be walking a lot! Generally, the average golf course runs between 6400-6800 hundred yards which would be between 3.64 and 3.86 miles. Of course, if you’ve got a cart that’s a different kettle of fish. However, if you’re walking without the aid of a cart or in fact a golf trolley, carrying the clubs over your shoulder can really take it out of you. A great way to get that fitness up nevertheless!

Being strong physically and flexible of course helps with your swing, and will give you that competitive advantage in terms of distance when hitting those long drives off the tee or recovering from bad tee shots.


There’s a whole bunch of reasons why you should take up this fantastic game:

• It’s a game for everyone. No matter what age, gender, height, weight, or physical attributes. The game is low risk to injury and accidents, and it can and should be enjoyed by all.

• It offers a great avenue to escape the day to day grind and relieve stress and tension. The vast amount of open air and scenery is a great way of winding down.

• It’s a great business tool. Many deals and business contacts can be gained from a leisurely game of golf with business colleagues. It’s actually said that more contracts are signed on the golf course than they are in the board room or office.

• It offers a great way of meeting new people and gaining new friends. The social aspect of a round of golf with someone who you hardly know can create great friendships.

• Golfers thrive from the mental and physical challenge that the game brings. From a crushing drive down the fairway to a skilful shot out from a bunker. There’s a certain amount of strategy and mental ability that has to go into each shot.

• The game offers up a great form of exercise. Some golf courses are longer than others, with the vast majority of 18 hole golf courses being 2+ miles in length. With several uneven fairways, walking around the course is a challenge in itself, and it’s a terrific way of keeping fit.

• Golf doesn’t require a partner to play with. You can set out on your own and set your own pace and goals from the start.

reproduced from  "The Ultimate Guide to Golf for Beginner’s by Robert Green.

Coach H. Turk Walker USGTF
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