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Student enrollment information




The goal of the Professional Golf Management Program at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore is to attract and educate bright, highly-motivated men and women to service all aspects of this developing industry and to produce PGA Members. It is s a comprehensive degree program that integrates all the curriculum requirements of a Hotel & Restaurant management major with the knowledge base of the PGA’s Professional Golf Management Program including sixteen months of structured internship experience and a Playing Ability Test (PAT).


Students are admitted into the UMES PGM Program on a competitive basis. Prospective students must first apply for entrance into UMES. Once admitted to the University, they then petition for admittance into the PGM Program. A verification of a USGA handicap of 12 or less will be required. This must be verified by handicap card or equivalent.

Handicap Verification includes:

  1. A copy of a current USGA handicap index card indicating a handicap of 12 or less
  2. The Confirmation of Playing Ability Form filled out by a PGA Professional or High School Golf Coach
  3. Successful completion of the PGA’s Playing Ability Test

Minority Recruitment Policy

It is a goal of UMES to enroll a talented student body from a variety of ethnic and geographic backgrounds. Within the context of this framework, the PGM Program is dedicated to supporting the PGA’s objective of recruiting qualified minorities into the PGM Program. To help the University with minority recruitment, the PGA provides scholarship monies each year. PGA diversity scholarship assistance is available for African-Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, and females on a competitive basis. UMES will recruit nationally for participants in its PGA/PGM Program.


It is the policy of the PGA that an individual must be either a United States citizen or a resident alien to become a member of the PGA of America.

Transfer Policy

Transfers are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Transfer students will be required to meet all the PGA/PGM Program graduation requirements of the University and the PGA of America.

Cohort Requirements

It is the policy of the PGA that each entering class be considered a cohort for purposes of progress through the PGM checkpoints. The intent is for each entering cohort of students to complete the PGA’s educational courses and checkpoints as a group.

PGA/PGM Program Requirements

  1. 16 months of full time cooperative/internship work at three different types of qualifying facilities (one of which must be a green grass facility).
  2. Must pass the PGA’s Playing Ability Test (met prior to attending the Level 3 Checkpoint)
  3. Complete all three levels of the PGA/PGM educational courses and checkpoints
  4. A PGM student has 8 years to obtain PGA membership from the first day of registration into the PGA/PGM Program.

PGM Membership Requirements

  1. 1`2 membership credits for college degree
  2. 16 membership credits for completion of the PGA/PGM Program
  3. 6 membership credits for completion of all membership requirements
  4. 2 membership credits for attending 2 national workshops hosted by the PGA Career Services Department

PGM Checkpoints

Prior to graduation, all PGM students are required to complete the Level 3 Checkpoint and Final Experience, which includes challenge-response presentation and an employment interview to receive the PGA/PGM designation.
PGM Checkpoints will be offered on campus at the UMES and at the PGA Education Center in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Checkpoints will be scheduled by the PGM Director as indicated by the PGM curriculum. Student demand will dictate whether checkpoints will be scheduled on campus or at the PGA Education Center. Any student failing a checkpoint at the UMES will be required to retake the Checkpoint at the PGA Education Center at their own expense.

Work Experience Activities

Work experience activities are an essential part of the PGM Program at UMES. Completed activities will be turned in to the PGM Staff for approval as they are completed. Completed activities will be reviewed, graded and approved. Completed activities will then be returned for the student to include in their Work Experience Kit. Completed kits will be forwarded to the PGA at least 45 days prior to the scheduled checkpoint. Completed kits will be mailed to the PGA for their approval prior to attending Level 1, 2, or 3 checkpoints.

Cooperative Internship Program

See Coop information on the website link.

Playing Ability Test

Passing the playing ability test is a demonstration of the student’s mastery of an established skill level pertaining to the game of golf. Students that do not pass the PAT within their first three years may be opted out of the program. Students will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Model Golf Shop

A model Golf Shop is provided as a learning laboratory at Nutters Crossing Golf Course. The PGM Program will utilize the Nutters Crossing Golf Course for many of our Work Experience Activities and incorporate budgeting, procurement, merchandising and operations procedures.

Program Fees

Along with normal university tuition and fees (vary depending on room and board selections); each PGM student will be required to pay a PGM program fee by the first day of classes in each of the five years.

Annual PGA/PGM Fees

Professional Golf Management Student Association $40.00

Semester Fees
Golf Course Access Fees $550.00
  PAT Fees $100.00
  Registration (Fee Payable to the PGA) $30.00

PGM Program Fees
August of First Year
Level 1 Materials $560.00

January of Second Year
Level 1 Checkpoint $415.00
  Level 2 Seminars (3) $420.00
  Level 2 Materials $350.00

January of Third Year
Level 2 Checkpoint $415.00
  Level 3 Seminars (3) $420.00
  Level 3 Materials $250.00

October of Final Year
Final Experience Checkpoint 3 $825.00

Player Development Program

UMES PGM students that have not passed the PAT will be required to participate in the Player Development Program. The PDP will be devoted to PAT preparation and strategies and is designed to prepare students to pass the PAT as early in the program as possible. The program will be offered with both classroom instruction and coordinated practice and playing. This program will be conducted by a PGA member of the PGM staff. Once a PGM student has passed the PAT, they will no longer be required to participate in the PDP.

Course Access and Play

We are privileged to have Great Hope Golf Course and Nutters Crossing Golf Course as the official home courses for the UMES PGM Program. Each PGM student is expected to act and conduct themselves in a professional, polite manner at all times. Great Hope and Nutters Crossing will be home to many of our PGM Tournaments and will be used as learning laboratories for many of our PGM work experience activities.

Probationary Standards

Members of the UMES PGM Program will be placed on PGM Probation at the beginning of an academic semester due to any one of the following:

  1. Cumulative grade point average less than 2.0
  2. Failure to hand in appropriate work experience activities on due dates.
  3. Failure to attend PDP as required.
  4. Not attempting the PAT a minimum of one time per semester.
  5. “No-Show” at a PAT
  6. Not completing the required 9-holes per week in the PDP.
  7. Missing two or more PGMSA meetings.
  8. Outstanding Fees
  9. Disruptive or disrespectful behavior.
  10. Failed Checkpoints

Dismissal from the PGM Program

The following reasons are grounds for dismissal from the PGM Program:

  1. Less than a 2.0 cumulative GPA for two consecutive semesters.
  2. Probation within the PGM Program for two consecutive semesters.
  3. Not participating in a PAT a minimum of two times per year until it has been passed.
  4. Failure to pass the PGA PAT by Level 3 Checkpoint.
  5. Committing a grievous act while on internship, which results in termination.
  6. Students who fail a checkpoint a total of three times.
  7. Any behavior which is considered unethical by the PGA of America or to be a violation of the Code of Ethics as found in the PGA Constitution.

Statement of Understanding

UMES PGM students will sign a Statement of Understanding when they enter the PGM Program that addresses the program’s requirements. The intent of this Statement of Understanding is to ensure that each UMES PGM student understands the extent of the PGA/PGM Program and what is required to successfully complete all the degree and specialized graduation requirements.

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