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PGA Professional Golf Management Program

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Accredited PGA/PGM Universities
The PGA offers a college curriculum for aspiring PGA Professionals at several PGA accredited universities nationwide. The program offers students the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the golf business. When you become a PGA Professional  there are countless career paths from which to choose.

Univ. of Md.-Eastern Shore is first historic black college in PGA/PGM   

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. -- The University of Maryland Eastern Shore has become the first Historical Black College and the 20th university accredited by PGA of America to offer their Professional Golf Management Program.

The PGA/PGM University Program is a 4-year structured college curriculum for aspiring PGA Professionals. The educational program is accredited by The PGA of America and includes extensive classroom studies, internship experience and player development providing students the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the golf industry.

"It is with great pride that The PGA of America welcomes the University of Maryland Eastern Shore into the PGA/PGM Program," said PGA of America President Brian Whitcomb. "For more than 30 years, the PGA/PGM Program has enabled more young people to accomplish their career goals and make an impact in the golf industry."

Founded in 1886, the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, a research and doctoral degree granting institution on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, is a historically black university and home to some 4,086 students. The 745-acre campus, which includes a 350-acre research and teaching farm, is nationally recognized for the beauty of its grounds. Its low student-to-faculty ratio, well-funded research programs, historic tradition of inclusiveness and constituent membership in the University System of Maryland combine to make UMES a strong engine of growth and development in its community, providing students with opportunities to learn from a well-balanced array of academic programs that respond to local needs as well as more global concerns.

"The University of Maryland Eastern Shore is absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to establish, with the help of the Professional Golfers' Association of America, a program that brings this opportunity to its deserving students," said UMES President Thelma B. Thompson, Ph.D. "This work will bring joy to the golfing community here in Maryland. As president of this university, it is rewarding to see a dream come true. I speak for the entire university when I say I'm grateful to the Professional Golfers' Association of America for considering us worthy of this honor."

The PGA/PGM Program was created in 1975 at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Mich., as the first university to gain PGA accreditation and offer the PGM curriculum.

As reported by The PGA of America January 18, 2008

The following universities has been accredited by The PGA of America for their PGA / PGM programs. You may contact the director of the specific university for additional information on curriculum and majors.
Arizona State University                         New Mexico State University
Mr. Curt Hudek, Director                            Mr. Pat Gavin, Director
(480) 727-1912                                          (505) 646-7686                        
Campbell University                                North Carolina State University
Mr. Ken Jones                                          Dr. Robb Wade, Director
(910) 893-1395                                         (919) 515-8792
(800) 334-4111  ext. 1395                
Clemson University                                 Penn State University
Mr. Rick Lucas                                         Mr. Burch Wilkes, Director
(864) 656-0112                                         (814) 863-8987                       
Costal Carolina University                       Sam Houston State University
Mr. Charles Thrash, Director                      Mr. Richard Ballinger, Director
(843) 349-2639                                         (936) 294-4810                      
Ms. Kim Kincer, Director                          Mr. Bob Phelps, Director
(859) 622-4976                                        (405) 974-5247                      
Ferris State University                            University of Colorado,
Mr. Matt Pinter, Director                           Colorado, Springs
(231)591-2380                                          Mr. Doug Wert, Director                                 (719) 262-3609
Dr.Steve Eisenberg, Director                    University of Idaho
(239) 590-7719                                        Mr. Dawes Mariatt, Director                                 (208) 885-4746
Florida State University                         
Mr. Donald Farr, Director                          University of Nebraska, Lincoln
(850) 644-8492                                        Dr. Terrance Riordan, Director                                   (402) 472-PGMP (7467)
Easter Shores                                       University of Nevada
Dr. Ernest P Boger                                 Las Vegas                 
(410) 651-6567                                       M. Chris Cain, Director                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
Mr. Jerry Hogge, Director
(910) 630-7144                                                         
Mr. Jeff Adkerson, Director
(662) 325-1990

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