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G A AP = Golf

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Practice can get boreing!
Get bored or get better, it's up to the golfer!

Practice does not make perfect, but it will make you better. If you practice the things that’s correct for you the individual. You can find what  that is a lot easier with your coach or instructor then by yourself. Remember to always have a purpose when you practice and never practice longer then you can keep your mind on what you are doing. The player should have their clubs fitted by a professional club person if possible, never try to be your own swing doctor, which usually creates more problems than it solves.  Let your professional instructor or coach get you on the right track.  And take time to learn the basic rules of golf.


G A AP  = Golf

A way to playing golf better


G= grip   A= aim  A= alignment  P = posture 


   Method = A means or manner of procedure


 System = A group of interrelated elements creating a motion


     Procedure –A way of performing or creating

                   the motion of the golf swing.              


 There is the belief that golf instructions should be based on a method or system of teaching. This approach requires for the student to accept that this is the only way to learn the golf swing. It is my opinion that the procedure of developing the golf swing motion is the same for every one with each individual useing their own learning style to apply the information to themselfs. A group lesson of six students being shown how to hold the golf club, the insstructor must still work with each person in the group in order to make sure the information is understood and applied correctly. Learning new procedures  requires the focus and attention of both the student and instructor. 


 G A A P = Golf is a learning procedure based on how we play the game that will help in developing yourgolf skill. Every shoot in golf is approached from these fundamental procedures, You take you grip, you aim the club face, you assume the correct posture for the shot you are attempting and you align your body accordingly. GAAP = golf. You may not get on tour but you will enjoy playing golf a lot more.


G= Grip, the means by which we hold on to the golf club. The joining of the hands depends on how the golfer feels. They can joined useing one of three positions, The Vardon, the enter lock, or the five finger procedure. Which ever one you choose make sure you are placing your hands on the club correctly.


A = Aim, placeing the club face correctly on the target line, useng the leading edge and the scoring lines on he face of the club, placed directly behind the ball. In rder to play good golf th swing motion must deliver the clubface square to the ball along the target line.


P= Posture, the correct poster depends on the golf shot the player is attempting to make. The basic fundamentals for this procedure is the same for each player.  The player determins for themselfs how best to do this. Remember good posture leads to good balance which is needed to produce a efficent  golf swing.  


A= Alignment, The sitting of body (knees,hips, and shoulders) alligned parelle with players target line  To get this accomplished visualize the ball and player standing a set of railroad tracks. With the ball being on the track furthers away from the player, the player standing on the track closest to him/her with their feet ,knees, hips and shoulders square to the target line. Advance players may assume a slightly open or closed stance depending on the ball flight they want to produce.


       This is the basic fundamentals that all golfers must develop in order to create a consistent golf swing. One that will deliver the club head square to the ball and the ball to the target. All golf shots are made using the GAAP Golf procedure. For additional information on what you have read please contact us at


Another fundamental rewuirements thats often over looked is ball position, to determine ball position useing a 5 or 6 iron, assume your address position, remove your lower hand from the club and pass it between the butt end and your thigh. If your hand glides by easily then you have created the correct distance from the ball at address.Take a couple of swings letting the club head strike the ground to learn where to play the ball in relation to your left foot. Play all shoots off the ground so that your club will strike the ball befor it strikes the ground.



How the hands are joined together

We must remember that a good golf swing starts with a good grip. In order to deliver the club face back to the golf ball square to the target line and correct impact position your grip must be correct for the golf shot that you are attempting. As the picture shows how your hands must be placed on the shaft  and joined together as not to create tension in the hands and forarms.  

The next group of pictures will show you the basic positions as they relate to the different segments of the golf swing.


When we approach the ball we must focus on the shot and see it in our preshot routine. As we set up to the ball we have made up our mind and now it is just the doing of what we have decided has to be done. If there is any doubt, step away from the ball and repeat your routine over again. Remembering not to delay play no more then you should.


A good round of golf will depend on your ability to stay focus mentally, your physical strength, and emotional stability. Remember on a par 4 hole that you had a par, you only had to swing the golf club 4 times at arate of 3.5 seconds. That leaves a lot of time for things to go wrong. This is why your mental and emotional ability has to be developed as much as your basic fundamentals. Learn to enjoy your game and have some fun.

Ball position and alighment

The lower you move down the irons ( 7 through SW  or 60 degree LW ) the steeper the angle of attack you will need to the ball. This also means that you should place the ball futher back towards your rear foot.  For your driver and longer clubs the ball will be played forward toward your target foot. This is true for right or left handed golfers. Try getting back to basics, don't take a  complicated aproach to improving your golf swing.  Befor you create more problems review the basic fundamentals to make sure you have not developed some bad habits:
The more motion you create, the more motion you have to recover from

One of the greatest players in the game was Ben Hogan. The reason that we are showing you his swing is to give you the visual image to compare with current players. What did Hogan and Tiger Woods have in common? They are both natual left handers. They both could and do hit the golf ball a long way. The big difference, Ben Hogan played at  a weight of 134lbs and never had a hole-n-one in competition.